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Meet anahata acro

IMG_20190117_163740_976 - Chloe

The stars aligned as the paths of two lovers intersected and a union was created between them known as Anahata Acro.

Chloe is a yoga teacher and fitness instructor who is inspired by movement that unifies the body and mind. She encourages those around her to tap into their power within to break down limitations of the mind. Acro found her during her teacher training and has changed her life dramatically and how she sees the world.

Rob is a certified Acrobatics Trainer / Acrofit coach and lifelong fitness enthusiast. Acro came into his life around the same time as Chloe and he fell in love with both of them simultaneously. Acro, yoga and gymnastics have opened his mind and his body to new levels of performance that he never imagined being able to access due to a life changing injury and surgeries.


Together they work diligently at introducing everyone they connect with to this empowering practice whilst embodying love and playfulness and leaving a little bit of magic everywhere they go

IMG_20190117_163740_977 - Chloe
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