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meet Ashley

Reiki Master - Rick White Services:

Reiki Session- Intuitively guided. Different tools that I may use are crystals, singing bowls and smudging.

Reiki charging on personal items- Flowing Reiki energy into any item. Different tools that I may use are crystals, singing bowls, intention, working with spirit, smudging and crystal grids. About:

A creative, gentle and loving being. Ashley’s goals are to positively impact people by creating space, flowing energy and bringing awareness to what people wear. She began her creative journey studying Fashion Design. After experiencing the negative impact that fast fashion has on workers, the environment, and the consumers Ashley was determined to positively change the industry. With her down to earth personality, love for crystals and people she created her business GEMinate. GEMinate specializes in Holistic Apparel using all natural materials and embeds Reiki charged crystals.

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