Meet krista critchley


My name is Critchley, and I am a Yoga Teacher, Concious Event planner and Natural Health enthusiast originally from Edmonton Alberta. 


I have been traveling and studying about natural medicines in Central América and  now call Costa Rica my home. It is my wish to bring all i have been learning about the Healing Arts of Cacao, Music and Movement to my people!


I really believe it's so important in these times to focus on the loving support of our community, and our mental health. The Cacao Ceremony is both a time of coming together to celebrate all aspects of life, and also relaxation and self-reflection to provide an inner-silence allowing one to purvey the mind in peace and come to peace with the self. Through this peace, mental clarity can be achieved, and mental clarity is imperative to an improved daily life, uptakes in creativity, and self-guidance.


I love Cacao so much because it brings us together in Circle, United, where we support eachother in Love. We call in Blessings, hold Gratitude, Connect to the Elements, our Mother Earth, and tune into our Heart space. With Cacao We can embrace the energy of Love, Honoring the medicine Just like they have been doing for 1000's of years.


The heart lays in the experience, integrating cacao as a precious ritual into your life and being able to fully experience your heart, your love, the aliveness that arises within and to live your life from this beautiful place 

Cacao or "chocolate" in its raw form is a natural super food full of nutrients like calcium, anti oxidants and Magnesium, to name a few. It also gives you a natural source of energy from the Theobromine translated to  "Food of Gods"  which is similar to caffine only in the way it provides a boost of energy, but without the stress on the nervous system, or the withdrawl. It provides a Flow of oxegyn to the Blood stream and the heart which gives you energy, and helps the heart to feel open. Cacao also Contains Anandonide named the Bliss Molecule. Cacao is the only known food that contains this molecule which releases natural endorphins acting as a natural anti depressant, helping to being out feelings of bliss, hense its name!!