Meet The DJ DUo : They/them


Currently based out of Calgary, Alberta They/Them are mixologists who play with every perception of sound imaginable. They push the boundaries of the sonic arts and there is no envelope they can be pushed into. 

They/Them excel beyond limitations, pushing the sound experience beyond confinement. This DJ Duo is above and beyond, they are They/Them. 

Birthed in the chaos of the global 2020 pandemic, They/Them are rooted in the preservation of sound and invested in the merging of genres to provide a fluid experience. 

They play a wide selection of sounds drawing influence from the global collective and it's solar system. They pull influences from Afrobeats, Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Electro Swing and beyond to inspire movement and unity through dance. 

They/Them are genre fluid DJs and producers with a lifetime of combined experience in the music industry.