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Meet Elliot

Elliot loves exploring movement. With a background in snowboarding, yoga, and calisthenics, he specializes in inversions, handstands, and arm balancing and enjoys discovering new ways to move. He is known for his determination, playfulness and endless pool of energy mixed with extraordinarily calm attitude. He loves challenges and pushing himself to his limits. He believes Acro is about playing, trusting, growing, communicating, working together, having fun, celebrating and community.


Since 2014 Elliot has been diving deep into the world of partner acrobatics, acro yoga, Thai massage, flying therapeutics and strengthening the body with natural and functional movement. He trains as both a base and a flyer giving him an excellent understanding of both sides of the practice and becoming certified as a Partner Acrobatics teacher in Thailand in 2015, and Acro Revolution in Hawaii in 2016. Now he enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. 

CoTeaching with

Haley Silberg

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