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Meet elysha

Elysha aka “HoopELuv” is a certified fitness instructor who is skilled in a variety of movement arts, the hula hoop being her speciality! She began her love of movement with dance and competitive cheerleading at a young age. Once she discovered how to combine love of dance and movement with a hula hoop, her passion was ignited!


Since 2015, Elysha has been doing workshops and training with world renowned hoop teachers to perfect her skill and teaching abilities. Elysha has spent the past few years teaching and performing at various festivals in Canada and Alberta. Also, teaching at circus retreats abroad in Central America. Elysha enjoys performing with both LED and Fire Hoop and Fans, but her true passion is sharing and teaching the love of movement and dance! What it does not only for your body, but for your heart and soul <3

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