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meet indigo


Indigo is the Founder and CEO of Souljers of Light. His grand vision sees Souljers of Light creating a movement around the world, spreading light, love and illuminating consciousness. He believes that united we can make real change in the world by coming together and raising the vibrations of the planet.  


He has studied to become a psychic medium, crystal Angel Healer, Meditation Circle Leader, Tarot Reader and Zen Councilior through Zen Master Nissim Amon's Trilotherapy program. With his passion for self development, he is sure to add more to the list in the future. Indi has utilized these skills and knowledge to help others, and guide them along their own spiritual path. Brining people clarity and understanding to their lives, with the help from his guides and angels. Indigo believes that the best way to start creating positive change in the world is to first look inward, and see how a change within ourselves can impact the world around us. This cases a ripple effect, which can reach the other side of the world and back. A single spark can create an enormous fire. 

Mediumship – The Home of OM (Angel Rogers)                        Meditation Circle Leader – The Home of OM (Angel Rogers)
Crystal Angel Healing – The Home of OM (Angel Rogers) .     Zen Master Nissim Amon Trilotherapy Program (Pending) – The Home of OM (Angel Rogers)

Intuitive Card Readings with Indigo

Clarity and Insight Spread: 1. Current Situation | 2. Challenges | 3. Advice Card | 4. Lesson Card | 5. Outcome / Future |
7 Card Chakra Spread: Pull 1 card for each Chakra to gain insight on how each of your energy centers are flowing. Are they balanced or do they need attention?
Zodiac Spread: Pull 1 card for each month and look at your Past, Present and Future. This is an empowering spread that can bring much peace to one’s life.

Psychic and Intuitive Development

Are you curious about Psychic abilities? Did you think that this ability was only available to a select few gifted people? Want to know a secret? We are all Psychic and in fact receive messages through our intuition. Empower yourself by expanding the mind by understanding this natural ability and learn how your intuition and body is speaking to you.


Manifestation Mediumship

Circumstances don’t matter, only your state of being matters. Align your vibration into a state of receiving and watch as the synchronicities of your life unfold like magic. Everything is possible and all dreams can come true with manifestation. Learn how to raise your vibration and utilize the intuition to put yourself in perfect alignment to receive your deepest desires.  


Unlock your Passion and Discover your Life Purpose

Why are you here? What does your soul want to contribute in this life? This session is for those who are unsure of which direction to take and are looking unlock their hidden passion within. Become the greatest version of yourself.   

Manifesting Your Destiny (60 - 90 min)

Learn tips and tricks to manifesting by raising your vibration and allowing yourself to work with the universe to receive all that you’ve asked for. Indigo teaches a variety of methods of calling in our dreams with setting intentions combined with learning basic intuitive senses so that they know when spirit it trying to call them to action.   

Intuitive and Psychic Development (60 min)

Psychic abilities are something that we are all born with, the only difference between a psychic and somebody who doesn’t believe they are is someone who is not aware of the intuitive messages they are already getting. By understanding the different between the left brain and right brain, the logic brain and the intuitive brain. Learning how the body talks to us, empowers us to by believing we are able to tap into the universe and learn what we need to know if every moment. In this workshop, you will learn about the 4 clairs: Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance and Claircognisance and how they ty into the chakra systems.


Understanding the Chakra System (90 - 120 min)

Have you heard this term Chakra, but not fully understand what they are? In this workshop you will learn about the 7 chakras and how they affect our lives. Understanding and balancing this energy system is important to living a healthy happy and balanced life. To have these energy centers out of sync and balance would be like driving your car down the road with one tire bigger or smaller than the others. How are you driving your vessel? Guests will dive in and learn about the basics of this system and by receiving real life examples of the Chakras and how they affect our lives. We will wrap up this workshop with a Chakra Balancing Meditation.

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