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meet Kat

Kat has travelled the world studying tantric practices and how to release conditioned patterns in order to fulfill her passion of supporting people to heal and empower themselves through self-awareness, self-responsibility, and self-love. Sexuality is a huge aspect of our lives which is often too taboo to even talk about, let alone integrate into healing and personal growth, yet she believes it is the missing piece of the puzzle. This woman is full of wisdom, and though she has done some formal training, a lot of her knowledge is based on personal experiences. Get curious and ask questions; Kat is an open book!

John Casablancas - Body Spa Esthetics Diploma                    Tantric Body De-Armouring Coach - Awakening Within Foundation (Andrew Barnes)Sacred Sex and Relationship Coach - Awakening Within Foundation (Andrew Barnes) & ISTA (International School of Temple Arts)

Relaxation Massage

Focus on a specific area that is in need of some Love or get a soothing rubdown of the whole body. This meditative and custom tailored session will leave you feeling blissed out and at ease.

Intuitive Coaching and Body Work

Let’s chat and feel into what your body and mind need. Anything from sharing tools and experiences to emotional release or tantric body de-armouring, or simply cuddles and a chat. Be open to receive whatever comes and participate in a mind expanding experience with me.


Expanding Your Sexual Pleasure

Sex education for adults. Learn about the body, become aware of conditioned behaviours that unconsciously limit us in life, and learn to channel your sexual energy to use it as a fuel for living in everyday life. Let go of goal orientated sexual experiences and ride the wave of pleasure and bliss in every moment. Want to experience more powerful orgasms and a more fulfilling, heart-centred sexuality? This might be just what you’re looking for...


Non-Monogomy 101

Polyamory, open relationships, relationship anarchy… the list is all but endless. Perhaps you’ve heard a lot about it, and may even be curious about trying it out, or maybe you are already practicing it and would like some support. Here to share tools, experiences, and answer any questions that come up. We can even talk about conscious monogamy too if that’s what tickles your fancy! 

Couples are welcome to book sessions together if desired (except massage as there is only one of me).

Negotiating Intimacy (2-3 hours)

It’s happening. You’ve met someone you connect with and you’d like to get more intimate. Now what? Learn how to have the safe sex talk and how to identify and communicate your desires and boundaries and create safety for yourself and them so that you both feel comfortable to be open and intimate at whichever level is mutually desired. A solid foundation of consent, honesty, and clarity allows for greater exploration and depth without all the guessing games.

Communicating with Compassion (2-3 hours)

Many times when people share things, what they really want is to be seen and heard, and to feel understood and acknowledged. And most often, we listen in order to respond rather than to truly hear and deeply understand on an empathetic level. This can lead to miscommunication, needs not being met, and built up resentment. Learn to drop into empathy first and cultivate compassion in your communication.


Honouring the Masculine and Feminine (2-3 hours)

There is often an expectation in society for males to behave in a “masculine” way and females to behave in a “feminine” way. While this can create a spark of polarity in the moment, people and relationships are more dynamic than these static expectations. This limiting pattern of conditioning creates more separation than it does connection. In order to cultivate more compassion and understanding for one another, we need to focus more on our similarities rather than our differences. Let’s explore, witness, honour, and integrate the masculine and feminine within all of us.


Playing with Energy (2-3 hours)

The first step in expanding your ability to experience pleasure is to become aware of the more subtle feelings of energy and pleasure in the body so that the more obvious ones are that much more expansive. Some of the juiciest sexual experiences can be had fully clothed, and even from across the room! Let’s play with and explore energy together!

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