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meet megan


Megan has many different passions, Her biggest passion is working with the crystals in many different ways. She is the owner of Vintage Earth Creations, which is handmade gemstone jewelry.
For the past year she has taught many different workshops in Red Deer. Taking a special liking to teaching children’s classes and workshops. Some of those included children’s Chakra classes, meditation classes and bracelet making classes
Megan is also a Reiki practitioner, level 3. She has been doing Reiki sessions in Red Deer at The Soul Center and from her home. During each session Megan loves to incorporate the crystals, placing crystals on and around the individuals she is having a session with. She also loves working with different sound tools, drums, singing bowls and tuning forks. Megan also has her 200 YTT, through a lineage called Kripalu! Her newest interest is Kundalini Yoga!

200 hour YTT  – Mindful Restoration  (Uchita Sonja Thomlinson)                  Reiki Level 3  – Wholistix (Bettina Maria)

Crystal Healing Level 3  – Power of 3 (Jessica Dolphin)                                    Reflexology – Edwards and Holloway

Access Bars- Lasya (Tracey Blehm)                                                                        Akashic Records- Soul Genisis ( Holly Marwood Hawkins)

Reiki Sessions

Each Reiki session is different. Tools that I use in my sessions include; gemstones and crystals, singing bowls and Tibetan bowls, drum, tuning forks and Aura sprays made with crystal essences and essential oils.


Letting energy flow by working on your feet and applying a pressure that is comfortable for you. A short foot soak is included.


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