ayunity values



Informed & Enthusiastic. (If it's not a gleeful YES! DOUBLE CHECK it's not actually a hell NO! There are lots of edges in Acro. Some physical moves are only reachable within the context of a solid trust with partner and spotters. Sometimes a previous injury or circumstance freaks folk out and they can't pull off even an "easy move" that day. Sometimes monkies are tired, hangry, in pain or grumpy. People need the opportunity to easily "rain check" or "turn down" an offer without fear of offending so they can be in alignment with their own moment to moment capacity and mean and do what they commit to big-picture. Don't make your expectations/hopes/emotions other people's responsibilities. Do joyfully experience mutual agreement gratefully when it is available - this will happen frequently if you let go of a need to control. Oddly, people often feel comfortable with people who have each other's best well being at heart ;)


Inclusivity, Trust & Respect (Inclusivity goes beyond "talking to wallflowers"! Are you uncomfortable with a person (because of health/background/belief/value unfamiliarity or other) or don't know how to approach or support them? Don't want to work with unskilled or intimidatingly good movement monkies? Worried your role as a "student" or "organizer" or "teacher" will be fuzzy if you interact with more vulnerability with those around you? Debating between the ideologies of commercial skill offering vs community skill building? Worried that someone else's "issues" might be too big for you? GOOD! You are being PRESENT. THANK YOU. We encourage you to now be brave and figure out a relationship with these other folks (who are likely just you in another body;) -unless it's about a consent issue, which comes first. Trust and respect are EARNED incrementally in our world after being initially extended when folk first show up. Acro community members maintain their validity to continue receiving trust and respect through their behaviour and actions. HAVE COMPASSIONATE CONVERSATIONS if people are shooting themselves in the foot or forcing everyone around them to pretzel to their expectations.)


Play, Curiosity & Creativity ("A tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling" - Represent physically all the best things Acro play and partnering can bring to the world!)


Being Present & Aware of Self & Otters. (You can't have empathy if your own emotions are shut down. Take care of yourself. Be aware that others have different and similar needs to your own. Let/encourage/support them in meeting them. Acro and other movement practices can be a privilege to go on holiday from our cyclical head narratives if you let them.)


Honouring Environment & Heritage (Care for land, respect for native tradition and history of circus/acro/movement practices)