Cedar & Miles

AyUnity Founders

Cedar and Miles have been exploring  AcroYoga and various movement modalities for over 15 yrs combined. They have traveled

and taught weekend workshops and mini immersions together in various communities across western Canada. In 2015 a member of the Calgary community had created an event he called “Acroyoga camping and jam in the Rockies”, this event was the original inspiration for Acro Yoga UNITYFEST. That particular event was about to fall apart, the visionary took another direction in life and let it go. Thankfully the charisma and determination from another member of the community ( Luc Hale ) called Cedar to see if she wanted to make something happen anyway. Cedar gave Miles a call. Within a week they got together a small group (20-30 people) of community members from Calgary/Banff area and made a 2-day AcroYoga event of shared teachings from members of the Calgary and Banff community, in Canmore, AB. The First unofficial creation  of AYUNITYfest inspired the two to create a bigger vision. A full on festival,Summer camp style. With a vision in mind the challenge would be to find the land to host the event. Call it divine guidance, or luck but Miles attended a wedding on the very land we host AYUF now. He took Cedar to see it and the dream was about to become reality.


The first AYUF was August 2016. Miles and Cedar ( with a broken foot ) traveled around to the various communities in BC to personally introduce themselves, play and connect with the communities and promote the festival. That first year was such an incredible success!!


We are beyond thankful to the teachers in attendance who trusted us enough to join us in making the first ever Acro Yoga camping Festival in CANADA! The community of teachers and attendee’s continues to evolve and inspire us. We strive to bring our communities a postitive, inclusive, safe and memorable experience, and we are honored by each and every person in attendance. Year 4 here we go!!!