Thrive guide

The following are answers to F.A.Q.s and suggestions to help you thrive at A.Y.U.F 


Where is A.Y.U.F. held and how do I get there?


We are on the land of the Splatsin (pronounced "sblajeen") people. This nation is the most southern tribe of the Shuswap Nation, the largest Interior Salish speaking First Nation in Canada. A.Y.U.F. honours the indigenous heritage and lands at Riverside Community Centre as well as our yoga, acrobatic, circus, martial arts and other movement and healing art form roots.


If you type in “Riverside Community Club, Enderby” into the Google machine that should reliably teleport you straight to us. (Just kiddin’! It’s a 4.5hr drive from Vancouver or 5.5hours from Calgary

 Riverside Community Hall 3784 Trinity Valley Rd, Enderby, BC V0E 1V5. Click here for a map.


We strongly suggest carpooling for the fun factor alone but gas saving is a definite bonus no!? ;P) There are still folk offering/needing rides on our A.Y.U.F. FaceBook RideShare Page so please join the love (we’ll add you quick!) if you can grab a meow or two along-route.


What can I expect from the festival grounds?


After you’ve searched up how to get here, switch over to the handy “Google earth view” and you’ll get an eagle eye on the shape of things. (A.Y.U.F. Site Map)


There is an indoor gym and lots of outdoor space for movement workshops and practices. The site is located alongside a river for swimming (make note of current!) with a bridge to jump off/hang rings and other aerial apparatus (pending water level assessment) cliffs for hiking and natural rock waterslides. Plan on water activities in your weekend and bring floaty things if you like! No lifeguards will be available on site. Swimming and bridge-jumping (may be off limits pending water levels) is at your own risk.  


A.Y.U.F. is a camping event. The land is primarily set up for tent camping. You’ll be able to park within a 5 minute walk of your tent (easy loading!). We can accommodate some vehicle camping as well. Please email subject line “ATTN: VEHICLE CAMPING” at if you plan to vehicle camp especially if you are bringing a large RV etc!! It is VERY important that you let us know so we can plan for your space on the land.


There are indoor and outdoor washrooms but no indoor showers (though there are solar showers). We encourage you to go hippy style and jump in the river!! Please DO NOT use soaps or shampoos in the river. As we are showering on the land use Bio-degradable, chemical free products only please. Try to find non slippery natural sunscreens. Recommend the Green Beaver Brand.

Water/systems usage: Please try to use the outdoor washrooms as much as possible to not overload the cisterns/sceptic facilities on site. Please only wash dishes/face/hands with the indoor facility tap water and use the bottled drinking water provided to fill your water bottles!!


What’s the food situation? 


We have a kitchen but it will not accommodate 200 people cooking at the same time. We have a larger BBQ available but we highly recommend you plan on cooking your meals  on a personal camp stove. Keep in mind there will be NO OPEN FIRES due to the obvious wildfire issue in the province.  

We also recommend you bring a cooler. There will be a single ice-run on Saturday Morning. If you wish to have Ice picked up for you, you must purchase the # of bags you’d like in advance at registration when you arrive CASH ONLY PLEASE. ( estimated $4/bag )


There will also be a food truck serving breakfast, lunch and dinner Friday - Sunday by SMUDGE NOSHERY  Prices will be between $8-$15. Bring your own plates, bowls, cutlery!! SMUDGE will give $1 off your meal. WANT TO KNOW MORE CLICK HERE


POTLUCK THURSDAY EVENING: 6pm  If you’d like to join our group feast, please bring snacks or veggies/fruit or dessert or a dish enough for approximately 20 people. (Please remember to label food so that people with dietary restrictions can choose wisely.)




This year we’ve created “A.Y.U.F.’s core values” ( see values page ) All participants, volunteers, ambassadors and staff are encouraged to familiarize themselves with our core set of Values. We highly encourage reading through the values which are available on the website pre-festival.


 Ticket resales will no longer be processed as of Wednesday August 21, 2019. If you have a ticket transfer on the day of please ping Cedar or Miles on FB or by email with the purchasers information.



There will be emergency medical staff available on site. They have asked we remind all participants to be sure to pack regular and emergency medications (asthma inhalers, Epipens etc.)/braces etc if you have a preexisting condition. They are not able to provide Epipens by law.  If you have a preexisting condition that you may need extra support for and a regular system of dealing with it, the medical staff would like to know about this in advance (if possible during registration) so they can be equipped to support you appropriately. If you are having a health issue at festival please go to the medical tent or find Cedar, Miles  who will carry a radio to locate the team immediately if they are not at the tent.


One of the best ways to prevent avoidable injury is for each participant to try to be as present and aware of their own body and needs moment to moment. You are welcomed and encouraged to find a “reminder buddy” and bug each other if you haven’t had enough water or electrolytes, food, rest, down time, prep time, hug time, shower time etc.  Thanks for lookin’ out for each other!!



As everyone is aware, B.C. suffers from annual wildfires. A.Y.U.F. organizers and med team will be monitoring the reports concerning likeliness of nearby wildfires that may cause evacuation or smoke that may cause poor air quality. While we obviously cannot guarantee the weather or air quality all participants choose to come at their own risk. 



Some child supervision will be available. Please check the schedule for information on when these times will be. Parents who leave their children with our volunteers are required to sign up for one shift to support the supervision and everyone’s participation in the festival. If you have not already contacted the organizers to let us know you are bringing a child you must email us at subject line ATTN: UNREGISTERED CHILD. We are sold out to fire capacity and unless someone needs to resell their ticket, there simply isn’t space for unregistered folk on site.



Unfortunately, the community we rent from requires a no pet policy. Service dogs are the obvious acceptation to this rule.



This has been allowed in the past, however in order to honour the local community’s request, this year we are required to head up river away from the public beach if we want to swim nude. The area is pinned on the site map.


fun things:

We are having another dance party, and PRO performance evening Saturday ( application here ) and a creative show on the Sunday evening of the festival. Participants will be given a choice to opt out or participate in our annual camput performances for Sunday. Group #'s are given out at registration we will announce the initial group reveal and practice times. Any skill level, movement type or something else you’d like to share - silly or meaningful. Everything is welcome and NO pressure for perfection ;).


This year there should be more time in the afternoon to jam, practice performances, practice what you learned in class, rest, recover and refuel, swim, hike etc.



Our jambassadors will be available to help you navigate your experience and to answer questions. There will be a wall of pictures of their faces so you can identify them, and the jambassadors that are on duty will wear colourful bandanas. We want you to have an incredible time and also realize that people create their own internal story of what they are experiencing moment to moment. If you need to reorient or feel more connected, less lost, less anxious or overwhelmed, less intimidated, less frustrated, less lacking in electrolytes etc.  PLEASE reach out to them. If you are feeling unsafe for any reason in a class or with a situation with another participant we encourage you to step back  and let us know how we can help you work through the scenario.

The ambassadors will also be floating around to help remind folk about great safety and spotting practices, record short snippets of video (we’d love to hear how your experience is going real-time) and taking pics.


We will have a white board up with feedback statement/ideas and “vote up” opinion space on site. We really want to make this festival as welcoming, supportive, and skill/internal growth oriented as possible. We need you to communicate your needs and thoughts in order to do this. (And doing it real time means less likely to forget after the long ride home ;P.)