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meet rick

Rick has had a life filled with an intimate energetic connection and natural energy healing gifts. Having began his truest quest of spreading love light energies amongst the world and cosmos during his early years, and strives for this daily. Studied in Usui Reiki Energy Healing Systems, Shamanism, native medicine practices, Quantum Sound Therapy, Sound Coaching and Guided Meditations. He joins us with full intentions of assisting all willing beings with personal growth, stress reduction, expanding consciousness, and achieving improved Health & quality of life, ...."I could go on! I just love to see a world full of healthy, conscious, loving, and smiley people”.

Reiki Master/Teacher – Wholistix (Bettina McGillivray)                   Meditation Coach guide - Wellness Within

Sound Coach - PHD Lana Ford                                                            Life Coach - PHD Lana Ford

Shamanism - Himalayan Shaman (Mohan Rai) And unnamed others.



Intuitive Healer & Guide

A mix of many trainings, teachings and tools. Using Shamanism, Reiki, Energy healing techniques, sound therapy, Life coaching and more to gain access to root causes of illness, dis-ease and trauma. With release of stagnant energies, old patterns and trigger/root causes one is able to empower their own selves and true healing abilities.

Shamanic Services

Walking between worlds and communicating with guides and spirits is not for everyone! Assisting you to venture between to meet spirit guides, highest selves, power animals and ancestors. Also offering Shamanic journey, natural medicine guidance, soul retrieval/defragmentation, waking Dream walk meditations/journeys, workshops, entity/unwanted removal, personal and space clearing, blessings, guided life path walks (seek your true journey, clear obstacles, remove blockages, plant seeds of love and abundance and empower yourself!), dream guidance and beyond.


Guided Meditations

A multitude of meditations and styles bringing to you an intuitive and often channeled meditation designed exactly for you in the moment. Ranging from breath meditation, Shamanic journey, inward exploration, earth connection, traveling beyond, meeting spirit guides or power animals, growth of self love, Empowering YOU, finding peace within and far more.


Sound Healing

With the use of ancient tibetan bowls, drums, rattles, chanting/singing and knowledge of ancient techniques I happily share with you a relaxing, restorative and healing journey guided by sound.   

Reiki Training Level 1, 2 Master/Teacher (6-8 hours each level)

Following  in the footsteps of many before, using approved materials and techniques to share the knowledge of Reiki and Energy healing systems and awareness. These workshops bring a new awareness to energies, self healing, energy healing and more with a few interesting twists. Sharing knowledge of energetic awareness and tools from beyond Reiki often occurs.

Smudging Practices and Materials (2-4 hours)

Bringing to you wisdom and teachings of native and shamanic medicine people from around the world. These workshops  share knowledge passed down from natives elders, shamanic teachings and years of practice. A simple and fun workshop sharing some how to’s, materials guidance, offering practices and more.


Personal and Space Clearing (2-4 hours)

A workshop designed to learn about energy clearing with the use of many approaches and tools. In this workshop we learn about using angels, energies, divine light,  meditations, smudging, and clearing practices to cleanse yourself, your home and others of undesirable energies.


Crafting Workshops (2-8 hours)

Sitting with intentional crafting of many tools and toys. Drum birthing workshops, beadwork, leather crafting, Hemp weaving workshops, rattle creation, feather wrap/smudge class, building and empowering your own Talisman workshop and meditation series, crafting your personal medicine bag, and other crafting workshops are available.

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