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Meet valari

Valari’s Acro Yoga journey began in an aerial arts gym where she was studying circus arts such as silks and trapeze. An Acro Yoga workshop was hosted and she took part and was instantly hooked! As an RMT, comfortable with touch, and an enthusiastic student, it was a good fit. She participated in the schools yearly public performance in June and in July of 2013 went on to complete the month long AY Montreal teacher training and in May 2017 completed the VanCity teacher training. She has been helping herself and others through Massage therapy since 2002, including deep tissue, Thai massage and Rolfing. Valari has participated in many festivals and intensive trainings with many of her mentors including Jason Nemer, Christine Moonbeam, Aaron Lind, Eugene Poku, Jessie Goldberg, Jason and Chelsey Magness, and Lux. She has since gone on to teach at Acro Yoga Unity Festival in BC in 2016, and is currently expanding the Okanagan community with tours leading into other major festivals around the country. Valari is known to teach on a solo basis, proving it is possible to do Acro yoga without a regular partner! She encourages all her students to develop their strength and personal commitment in order to find themselves in healthy partnerships when the opportunities arise.

CoTeaching with

Lora Carolsfeld

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